As students head back to the classroom, many parents may be gearing up for important discussions like bullying. One student in Wilson County is raising awareness through a class project.

“When I was figuring out my identity in school, it was really difficult because I didn’t know if there was anybody I could talk to,” said Mackenzie Romer, a student at Green Hill High School.

Romer recently helped create a PSA about LGBTQ bullying. It’s a topic she says she can relate to.

“Some of our kids haven’t been in school since last school year, so we know there is a lot of social anxiety with children coming back to school,” said Dr. Monica Coverson, MNPS Director of Social Work & Trauma Informed Schools.

MNPS’s Dr. Monica Coverson says it’s important for parents to create an open space for topics like bullying.

“We ask the parent to remain calm. Ask questions like, tell me more about why you believe you are being bullied. Then ask … Have you told anyone in school? Does anyone else around you know that this incident has taken place? It is very important to immediately notify the school and inform someone at the school,” Dr. Coverson stated.

Mackenzie’s PSA was selected for the All-American High School Film Festival. Her hope is to make it to New York this fall for the screening.

“There are LGBTQ people in school, and you can’t just ignore it,” Romer said.

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