A study has revealed that San Antonio, Texas, could loose out on $234 million in sports revenue alone over the states version of the anti-LGBT bathroom bill.

The study predicted the loss would come from the 2018 Final Four matches which predicts that a total of $135 million would come to the city in direct spending by organisers, with the rest of the total being made up by tens of thousands of visitors to businesses.

The Sabér Research Institute carried out the study which projected a state tax revenue of $9.5 million and municipal tax revenue of $4.4 million being accumulated from the event.

Senate Bill 6, a replica of HB2, was proposed at the beginning of the year.

The bill, which is being fronted by Republican Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, stipulates that transgender people must use bathrooms in government buildings, public schools and universities that correspond to the sex given at birth, rather than their current gender identity.

The predicted loss was obtained by The New York Times who verified it with a spokeswoman for the local organising committee.



Texas’ version of the bill does contain a loophole which allows venues “privately leased to an outside entity” an exemption.

North Carolina has suffered multiple boycotts from businesses, sports events and performers which has led to a loss of $562 million in the state.

Currently, $245.6 million has been lost on large sporting games after big name games such as the NBA and NCAA pulled out of the state.

The Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association announced in August that it would relocate 10 championships; its men’s and women’s basketball tournaments alone earned Charlotte $55.6 million in 2015.

Cancellation of conventions cost $18.4 million with at least 13 conventions due to be held in Charlotte were cancelled by early April

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