Even after laws have been passed for protection of LGBTQ community and America is considered the safest place for them in the world due to its liberal views, it is learnt that nearly 2 million youth belonging to this group contemplate suicide every year. These details were revealed during a study carried out by Trevor Project that studied youngsters in the age group of 13 to 24 in USA.

The researchers used data from US Census Bureau, CDC and National Survey on LGBTQ Youth Mental Health. Ti determine that LGBTQ teens were a vulnerable group and youngsters in age group of 13-18 would be more likely to contemplate suicide when compared to slightly grown-ups in age group of 19-24 years. Though these numbers are disturbing these are bare minimum as the group used conservative methods to make their estimates which show that this is a serious health problem.

Lack of acceptance, says a mental health survey is the foremost reason among other social reasons why queer children and young adolescents find it tough to accept their sexual orientation and commit suicide. Nearly 70 % respondents of the survey reported that they experienced discrimination due to their sexual orientation and gender orientation and around 2/3 of them confessed that someone from their friends/family circle tried to convince them to change their identity.

A new research released by Trevor Project offered some positive news too but LGBTQ youth reported that there was one accepting adult in their live but fewer than 40 % were likely to report suicide attempts. Director of research Amy Green hoped that this research would help people in the country to make relevant changes in state and federal level policies that affect LGBTQ youth like forcing them to undergo conversion therapy. Also support groups are required to launch anti-bullying and suicide prevention among LGBTQ community.